Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Welcome to DIS and Kobenhaven!

       Thank you to whoever decided the first orientation day wouldn't start until 12!!!

Here's my building from the outside, and

my suite mates Charlotte, Claire, Sara and Margaret waiting for the bus.

From 12 to 2 all 800 DIS students crowded into City Hall to be welcomed by the mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen and  DIS Director, Anders Uhrskov.

city hall

the mayor

DIS director
We also listened to the DIS Wind Quintet play a few Mozart songs.
The best part of the ceremony was when they feed us Danish pancakes and drinks. The pancakes were really thin and rolled into little bundles filled with some kind of custard then drizzled with chocolate, powdered sugar and almond slivers. It was so sweet I could hardly finish two little pancakes!

(to my SSU food service people, aren't we lucky we don't have to wear catering outfits like the black and white maid uniforms in the far left of this picture?!

After that we walked around the city for a while, 5 of us that live together, Sarah and Amy (from home and school) and a girl named Sophie who was a few years older than me at NU.
At 4 we went to the National Museum for the DIS Immerse Yourself Fair to see what other things we could get involved with.

After looking at the booths we went upstairs and they had set up a free meal for everyone made of the special Danish open faced sandwiches called  smørrebrød'. The first I tried had potatoes, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and a green decoration. It was OK.  Not completely awful, but  I wouldn't say it was good either. The second I tried was salami, a sweet-mustard-like-flavored-but-mayo-textured topping, and crunchy little onion bits. This one was better, but I'm not a big mustard fan so I still didn't love it. Hello apples and water!

my lunch :)

Amy and I after lunch. We all stayed around the museum for a while hoping the rain would let up a bit so we could walk home without swimming to the bus.

By the time the 6 of us got back to our apartment it was after 7pm. But we had NO FOOD and we needed some other things to get through the night. So we went on a mission to find Fotex (which can be compared to a Target or small Walmart).
On our walk, we also managed to find a Laundromat that actually has dryers so we won;t have to hang dry our clothes. (Apparently hardly anybody uses dryers over here??)
When we got home we made a wonderful dinner of pasts and sauteed veggies with bread and cheese and some African Passion wine. ( Yep, that was really the name!)

Home cooked food, wine, and a funny game of two truths and a lie made our first 'family dinner' a perfect treat.

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