Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Every adventure begins with a first step.... in this case, getting To Copenhagen

           Ok, so I should have started this before I left, but was slacking and am having to catch up now. Since this is so, im going to give you all a cliffnotes version of my trip over here.
           My first flight left from San Francisco Airport at 8am. The goodbyes were actually not as bad as I thought they migth be.  None of us cried, (YAY!) and there was a lot more laughter than saddness. :) Since I'd been looking forward to a trip like this for so long, I think all four of us we ready for me to finally get started.  A year really isn't that long in the greater sceme of things, so why turn our goodbyes into something sad?
         On my first flight, isat next to an older couple from ___ (ahh I wish I could remember the name!!) who were returning home from visiting their daughter. The man did not speak the entire flight but his wife and I managed to have a sweet broken conversation. She could barely speak English and I could not understnad anythign she was saying in her own language but we mudled through. She has been a teacher her whole life and was very excited to hear that I was studying abroad with the goal of also becoming a teacher. "It is the greatest profession!" she exclaimed with her heavy acccent. When we were separating, she turned and said goodbye with, "You are a very beautiful girl, good luck!" Meeting her was such a great way to start.
         Hello, you have now entered Toronto, Canada. Where I had a totally  ignorant/assuming/unthinking American moment and pulled out a $20 to pay for my sandwhich. The girls face was really funny when she quizzically told me that she couldnt take that, we were in Canada. Hahaha. Ooops. Thank goodness for Visa cards.
        The next flight was MUCH harder to get through. We got both dinner and a tiny breakfast on the plane, but trying to sleep proved to be an almost impossible task. I remember starting and ending a few my playlists on my ipod, but can't really recall listening to all the songs. My brain was in the foggy state between sleep and the real world, but any really sleep did not last long. My plane buddy for this flight was an indegenous women from Canada who fit the stereotype and said "EH?" at the end of every other sentence. Every year  a group of people gather to talk about issues and traditions of Native peoples all over the world. She and her husband have been traveling around the world to the chosen counrty, going to their conferences for the past 20 years. She also happens to be a teacher. Her geography knowledge was inspiring and really made me want to get a better picutre of the world in my head. 

       A LONGGGG flight later and I finally landed in the Copenhagen airport.  FINALLY!!

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