Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Getting Ready For Classes to Start

       Today was an easy day compared to everything else so far. I only had 2 DIS orientation sessions and they were done by 12:30! After our Child Development and Diversity Introduction (where they gave us danishes, fruit and more soda in glass bottles. The yellow stuff on the left pastry tasted just like extra sweet vanilla pudding. Yummy but only in tiny doses.) Sarah Amy and I decided to explore.

      First we were with a boy from our Child Development major named Justin. We found a really cute bakery behind our school, showed him the grocery store called "Netto" where he could get some groceries and then headed back to DIS to get our books.
      I feel sorry for workers who have to help big lines of people who all need the same service. 400 DIS students were supposed to get our books today and the lines wound through quite a few rooms in the main DIS building. But finally we made it through, and  relaxed in the courtyard outside as we check to make sure we had everything we needed and enjoyed a snack of bread with nutella and honey and pretzel sticks.

      After Hutchins, hopefully this batch of reading assignments will be a breeze.

 After a quick stop at Sarah and Amy's on Skindergade to drop off our books and grab coffee, we ventured out to see some more of our new home. We went to a cheap store called "Tiger" that is kind of like a dollar store but prices range from 10 to 50 Kroner (2 to 10 dollars).

I got all kinds of things for 60K (about $12)  :) (can you read the Danish labels?)

The buildings in this city are so beautiful. I wish we had more of the giant squares and walking/biking only streets that can be found all over the Copenhagen city centre. Today, we walked through an art exhibit set up in a square near our school,

and happened to catch a live music perfomance :)

I really liked the artist's idea of what he wanted to show with his work. My reactions to the pictures ranged from, "awww", "wow"and "what are they doing?" to "yikes" and " ok, that's an interesting custom or belief I've NEVER heard of". Thanks Anders!!

On my way home I took some shots of random bits that have popped out at me:

I have NEVER seen so many 7 Elevens!!
Honestly,  it seems like they are everywhere here in the city.

the street lights that tell walkers when we can go look just like the car lights,
but they have little guys inside :)

Baresso Coffe is basically the Starbucks of Copenhagen. It's a sign I've started to see a lot the pat few days. My roomamtes and I have nicknamed the place "the flaming bean" :)

This view has become one of my favorite parts of my days so far. The buses go over this canal every time I go between my apartment and the city centre and visaversa.  Everytime, I wish I had a bike so that I could be riding along outside with the other cyclists.

Ok, no more ignoring all of the homework assignments... (even though I haven't even had my first class yet...)

Tak for reading & Godnat
(thank you for reading and goodnight)

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