Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Actually IN Copenhagen but without any sleep so can it really be counted as a new day???

         Woohoo the plane landed, customs was just a special dorrway where they chacked my passport and visa, and i found my bags! Now what? A girl (Jordan, from Hawaii) that I met during my layover in Toronto and I went on a search for DIS people after we found our bags. Two young girls in DIS shirts with little DIS signs directed us outside where more interns told us to look for the chartered bus that said was going to our DIS assigned housing. So first challenge.... can my exausted brain remember my new address (that I have yet to pronouce correctly)?? Luckily mine was the only option that started with an 'N' so finding the right bus wasnt that hard. I loaded up my stuff and found the seats inside full of other students as jetlagged and delerious as i was but soehow managing to be full of enough energy to be exchanging the classic questions: What's your name? Where are you from? What school do you go to? What are you studying here? Where are you living? In the past two days i have come to think of these questions as The Basics of Study Abroad Introductions.
        When everyone was finally loaded, we took off. Mine was the last stop so I was able to just sit back and enjoy watching my first glimpses of Copenhagen stream by. (I say stream because water was everywhere!) I forgot to mention earlier that it was POURING when we landed.) After dropping two other big groups of students of at their 'drop points' I turned around to realize that there were only two other girls left on the bus with me. Besides Joe the intern in charge of dropping us off and another intern I hadn't met yet, the bus was practically empty! It was a warning of what was to come. Compared to the other DIS Shared Housing assignment (that are made up of entire floors and buildings of 30, 30 and 60 students to each location) my little apartment has just 6 of us and is  located in an outer village called Nørrebro, located 20 minutes from the school without much connection to anyone else from DIS. Basically, we are MUCH more independent! So far I dont care, I love it!!
      The other two girls left on the bus ( Sarah, from Hawaii but who goes to school in Pennsylvania, and Charrlotte, who lives and goes to school in Connecticut) and I were the first of the 6 to get 'home' and we each switched rooms 3 or 4 times before finally settling on the one we would end up with.

My room!!

My art and my GIANT bed!

the views from my many windows



I love it!

       The next girl to arrive was Margaret from Maine, who goes to school in Denver, Colorado.
Then came Samantha from upstate New York who goes to school also goes to school there. Last to arrive was Claire, from Rhode Island. Hello Nørrebrogadeers!! We were all so tired by the time that everyone arrived that we desided to make it an easy ngiht. The Intern that had come with us to set us up took us on a  bus adventure down to the school and to find food. (its was still raining...). We ate at a wrap and sandwhich place,,, but it was NOTHING like the wrap and sandwhich palces in the US. It was differnt favors and breads and forgein drinks.... and EVERYTHING was written in DANISH. I tried my luck, ordered first and ended up with  what was basically pesto, tomato, cheese, chicken, a new onion thing all folded up in a tortilla shaped bread. YUM!!! everythign was so fresh! I asked the woman behind the counter what her favorite drink was and she gave me a lime soda-like drink.  
       Everyone else went home but Charlotte and I tried to find where Sarah and Amy and some of Charrlote's frineds were living. Cell phones weren't working fully though so we gave up our search and headed home as well. Yay for sleep!

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