Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 3 highlights... so much to catch you guys up on....

Ok, I've typed so much tonight that I'm going to try to just give you the highlights from today.

Morning Intro session about "Surviving in Copenhagen"  in a group with about 18 other DIS students.
Then came the fun part-------> a scavenger hunt around Copenhagen!
There were 6 stops to get to and a DIS person would be at each place to tell us a little background info about where exactly we were and why it was significant.
The hunt was done in groups of 6 that were randomly assigned from our groups of 18.
My group was made up of; Taylor, a girl from Florida in the Child Development here. Becky and Glynis who both live together in a Kollegium (somewhat similar to Co-Housing in Nevada City). Vincent who is living in an apartment with his girlfriend who is also studying abroad in Copenhagen this semester but us attending the Copenhagen Business School. The last person in our group was another Taylor, a guy from New Jersey.
We had never met each other before this morning, but by the end of the day, we had explored a big chunk of the main part of the city together. It was A LOT of walking, but I feel like it was a great way for us to see some important parts the the city and get out and find things on our own, while also meeting more DIS students.
Here are some of our stops.

Becky at the Lions Bridge
Little Girls playing Princess outside the Rosenburg Palace. The palace was built in the Dutch Renaissance style but King Christian the 4th. He became king at age 11 and he is responsible for the creation of many of the old buildings in the city.
The Changing of the Guard at Amalienborg, the Royal Palace of today's royal family.  
The man on this statue is King Fredrick the 5th.
Queen Margaret's royal palace. We can tell she is not at hoe because no flag is flying and there are no guards outside the doors. There were guards at the identical buiding across the courtyard where her son, Crown Prince Fredrick lives. He was there today.
On to Skuespilhuset, the Royal Theater, a new building that is drawing big attention with the other new arts building (the Opera House) that is right across the harbour from it.
Walking around the harbour area was so pretty.  the canal is called Nyhaven , whichs means, 'New Haven'.
We passed some Danish folk dancing going on, tried herring from a vendor on the street, and tried some traditional Danish liqueur, I had Elderberry flavor. It was good but strong!
By then we were all hungry so we stopped in a park and got hotdogs from a vendor. I asked for a polish and he asked if he could fix it for me. "Will I like it?" I asked.  and He said, "You must try it." So I did.
a sweet mustard, onions, onion crispys, a different kind of ketchup, and sweet pickles....
It really wasn't that bad. Different, but I would definitly eat it again.
Funny smile picture by the hotdog vendor. My group--> Vincent, Becky, Taylor, Taylor, and Glynis.
On to Christiansborg Slotsplads (Christiansborg Palace Square).
The man on this horse is King Fredrick the 7th. In 1849 he signed the constitution (in this building) that gave up the monarchs absolute power and started Parliament.
The first stucture to ever be built here was in 1170 by a bishop named Absolom, a  founder of Copenhagen.
Our last stop, Trinity Church, which is actually a Lutheran Church.  It is another building built by King Christian the 4th. Random fact, he fathered 32 children. On top of this church is a royal conservatory. He wanted to combine religion, science and academia.
Tada done with the Scavenger Hunt.
After another session with the group of 18, we were free for the day.
I got to deal with the maze of the DIS buildings trying to find the right housing place to get help fixing all the problems in our apartment at the moment ( there is quite a list of needed fixings)

After walking around more of the city with Glynis, Vincent and my suite mates Sara and Charlotte, I got home around 630. Very tired because I laid in bed today from 4 am until 745 when I had to get up to get ready to go.  All of us are still fighting Jet Lag.
 After a group trip to the store and another family dinner we all decided a night in to get organized would be good before another day of orientation stuff tomorrow. 
Wish me luck on staying focused!
Goodnight :)

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