Tuesday, 21 December 2010

N176 !

Norrebrogade 176
one of our first bus rides
oh African Passion
DIS Welcome Party
Irish Rover Nights
Kitchen Song and Dance Parties
Carlsberg Brewery
Tunnel Party anyone?
Tivoli Trips
Ice Swimming
DIS End of Semester Party

Things I Will Miss (lots of these came from Charlotte, i cant take full credit)
-floor handles
-ghetto netto. everything you need, but nothing you want.
-midnight trips to 7-11 in our pj’s
-wolf sound bites
-hygge movie nights
-getting yelled at by the wheelchair lady
-sing-a-longs in the kitchen that get us in trouble
-African passion and other fine wine brands
-the flooding shower
-dull knives
-casual tunnel parties
-the creepy barber
-the darren criss obsession
-black velvet
-requesting shakira at every club we went to
-alors en dance and stereo love
-the “simple” life...
-hungover owls
-the post-nørreport shuffle
-the creepy bus driver who announces all the stops
-waiting for the 5A and just sheer beauty of the bus
-plaster walls and the intense sound proof of them
-margaret’s door
-the sketch elevator
-the oven rack! (oh wait....we don't have one)
-McDonald's and all the healthy food it has to offer
-margaret’s amazing dinners and creative ideas
-the flaming bean
-the awesome thai place downstairs
-the awesome thai place in Helsinki
-dress up at tivoli
-danish pancake dinners
-ice swimming...no description needed.
-the serious Russian face
-shocka and baby shocka take over Europe
-laundromat music videos
-music videos in general
-kroner the rat
-pregaming before the welcome party
-culture night
-snuggling with the Greenland book
-chillimilli the first night...and when Clare broke her shoe
-the DIS picnic...and all that followed!
-carlsberg tour!!
-thanksgiving dinner and the spoon-on-the-nose competition
-pomegranate seeds.
-Helsinki and everything about Finland and the finns
-trisha’s interpretation of the hotdog sign on the bus
-Sarah’s illegal downloading skills
-Clare’s lessons about sea section birthing
…And other random information
-Margaret jumping whenever I walk into her room.. even when I try and knock or get her attention first
-bag soup and frair rocher songs
-talking to each other on facebook from the bedroom next door
-taco nights
-mall shopping days
-Squeezing into our tiny box elevator
-Grinch face (as much as it scares me)
-Margaret’s ringing phone
-kitchen talks
-waiting for Sarah (or Margaret)
-true blood stories from Clare
-“where’s Charlotte?”à “out with friends again” :D
-collecting bottle caps
-green fan
-sisters stories
-crew lessons
-Margaret’s flair
-Norrebro sirens
-dark hallways
--cuddle puddles on my or Margaret’s bed

(Our Last night together)

Four months living together.
I am so lucky that the 5 of us clicked so well this semester. I hope we stay in
 touch. I hope we really do visit each other.
Time is such a weird thing. lately I feel like some of my relationships grow more than they should/could in the time they have. Even if it’s only for a short time, that time can grow something really big. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. it can just be hard. Goodbyes are not something I am good at. I wonder if that will change as I keep living and having people walk in and out of my life. I wonder who and how many people like that I’ll be able to keep for longer. 

I hate good byes i hate goodbyes i hate goodbyes

The last week....here we go!
hygge bedroom!
lots of groups dinners
mmmmm pomegranate!
Lena, Jeff, Kate, Me and Patti
Tuesday night, the 5 of us from my CMC class that split off from the group in London one night all got together for a special goodbye at Lena host families house for dinner. The food they made for us was DELICIOUS and we sat talking for hours.
Ice skating in Federicksberg
walking through Radhuspladsen  to our last N176 lunch date at the Japanese food bar Wagamama
walking through the park
DIS closing ceremony.. a good transition thing but still weird since im not really going home
walking home in the snow since the buses were so full and running late
heading to the DIS end of semester party at A-Bar! 
"where are you going?" "a bar"
"where?" "A bar!"
haha a VERY over said joke
squeezing in to our tiny sketchy elevator again :P
part of the Nevada County Crew takes over Copenhagen!!
moving my stuff to my new appartment
cleaning cleaning cleaning
transfering movies
trading playlists
watching movies and cuddle puddles
we loaded them all in to taxis to the airport early Sunday morning and  then i was left in an empty appartment
one last look out my windows:
and on to the Harris's to spend a Danish Christmas with a wonderful Danish family

 stories to come :)