Friday, 24 September 2010

Danish Recipes

Yep, I am too lazy to type all these up for you all so you get the picture book version.
as for conversions, dl=deciliter and g=grams google can tell you what that means in cups
If you can't read the words, email me with any questions and I'll check my hard copies to find the answer for you.

 One of my New Favorites :)

 DAY #2

 DAY #3

Pictures from when I made each recipe have already been posted in earliers blogs.

 besides the danish pancakes, i LOVED everything from the Danish dinners list, the oatmeal from the first day, and the small veggie pancakes and apple dessert from day #3
the food has all been simple, colorful and tasty
please just try them for yourself and see :)

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