Thursday, 23 September 2010

FCK and Veggie Style (Sun how i have missed you!)

FC København - Brøndby
6:00 19.9.10 Parken Stadium in Copenhagen
 my first professional fudbol match :)
of course it would have to be between to major rivals right?
 Copenhagen's home team FCK played Brøndby, a slice of Denmark's rougher crowd. just to give you an idea, the stadium can hold over 38000 people for a soccer match and it was pretty full for this game. the coolest part was how serious everyone was about it. the difference in the focus of the DIS students who sat around me compared to the other fans was awesome. they were there for a reason - to watch the game and cheer their team.
 Brøndby fans were CRAZY! the whole match parts of the stands were lit up with fireworks or flames, and the oddest part was that no one seemed to be stopping the flames
the weather here changes RIDICULOUSLY fast!
End result1. Half time2. Half time
FC København  2
Brøndby  0

7. Minute, Goal to Score 1:0 Connected by scorer C. Santín
58. Minute, Goal to Score 2:0 Connected by scorer C. Santín
Brøndby put up a fight but it didn't do much good.
" a website that talked about the match ended with the comments; "Some smaller trouble after the match, but nothing serious. In total 41 supporters arrested on this derby.  58 people injured during the match, 8 of them because of fire. 478 seats in the away section is broken + toilets and stuff inside the stand." NOTHING SERIOUS?? right. nothing serious at all.

Danish pancakes are one of my new favorite foods. i cannot get enough of them.
(thank goodness they are also really cheap to make :)


Tuesday I got to see a much missed friend.. THE SUN!
 Clare and i headed to the park after classes and basked in the glorious rays for a few hours while having a picnic and practicing our Danish lessons
the Mathilde milks are very popular here.-> its basically really thick chocolate milk
exploring under the weeping willow
i did not photo shop the blue sky in this picture!! no kidding.. the sky is just naturally this GORGEOUS here!
Clare could read the danish graffiti..... we had to document the moment :) "your mother"
LOVELY picnic!

ready for another night of cooking class?? always!
this week it was focused on vegetarian dishes and we made rice with veggies, spinach and onion pancakes, quinoa with beetroots and parsley, hummus and carrot sticks, and baked apples with cinnamon.
easiest dessert ever->> slice apples, put in baking dish and drizzle with honey and cinnamon, bake for 30 min and top with chopped almonds. try it, its too easy not to!

more later
 lots of love, T

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