Friday, 8 October 2010

feels so long ago....

This past week I was in LONDON on a study tour with my Children in a Multicultural Context Class :D
but since I didn't fill you guys in on the week before that.. i have a lot of catching up to do.
oh dear goodness.
OK here we go.
Arther Guinness Day was hilarious! I am coming to love the Irish Rover Pub :)

We went to a jumble sale in Frederiksburg and i found a winter coat for 50K ($10)
 since it is wool, washing it was sort of an experiment :)

That night we all went out again. After dancing for awhile at a club called Barcelona we caught the bus to go to another club and missed out stop. As we walked back across the bridge, we heard music pounding from under the street. of course we had to investigate!! 
you'll never guess what we found...------------------------------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>  A TUNNEL PARTY!!
it was so surreal. there was basically a full on rave happening in the walking tunnel under the bridge. A full set of DJ's equipment and speakers were set up with beer and people EVERYWHERE! From one graffitied wall to the other the space was packed with city Danes totally rocking out, moshing, drinking, dancing and letting go. I had never seen anything like it.

I would have thought that this kind of party would have freaked me out, but I actually totally loved it!
Getting carried away by the music and movement with these people ended up being a completely perfect wow-what-a-crazy-new-experience-that-i-would-never-have-at-home moment!

yet another cooking class came and went this week too
it was baking and once again i ate way more than i should have!!
the desserts were all delicious but the best part of this class was the bread recipe! you can add whatever you want to the dough! we've already made cinnamon raisin and cucumber, garlic and carrot bread! if you only try one recipe from everything i post this is definitely the one to try because the bread is so fresh and tasty!

 the grand finale this week stole the show!
RACHEL BERELSON came all the way
from Spain to Copenhagen to surprise Sarah for her birthday!!!!!!
i got a priceless video of the moment when Rachel walked in the door and Sarah completely lost it....but sadly it is too long to upload. basically Sarah drops whatever she was doing in the kitchen and yells and runs to hug Rachel and they hop up and down still yelling and Amy is adorable and gives the camera a thumbs up while Rachel and Sarah are still hugging then when Rachel goes to hug Amy, Sarah wont let go so Amy just hugs both of them and its a giant hug of love and special the sweet taste of reunion :D:D:D
 sunset in Nyhaven

a ship named after my Grandma Donna :)

after a lovely walk around the harbor,
we bought special cheese (its called Old Rotterdamsch, and is a lot like Old Amsterdam cheese but a bit softer and not quite so old) and did some wine tasting.  before going back to Sarah and Amy's to make bread for dinner :)
after some time out at the Irish Rover,
 I sadly had to go home because my class was meeting at 7am at the airport the next morning.
It was so special to have time with Rachel :)
i had missed her brightness in my life and even though i only got two days with her it meant so much!

whew! finally done!
it might take a while for me to post the next one simply because my week in London was SO PACKED FULL.
for now all i will say is that it was a magical, busy, eye-opening, fun week in a GIANT city that is the most diverse place i have ever been  :D

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