Saturday, 11 September 2010

i dont think ill ever be able to stop dancing

OK, so I know its been a while, but here's a quick catchup since last time.

Ikea trip =GREAT success

I got a few things to make my room more comfy and mine. (red rug, red pillow, red blanket, candles, mirrors and shampoo & conditioner all for less than $60!! woohoo!) We ended the adventure with yummy Swedish meatballs and MILK!!! (it's funny how all of us there were so excited for the milk. all of us were talking about how drinking milk is something we REALLY miss from home).

SICK :( not fun, actually really sucky.
but now I'm on the mend and hopefully will be back to 100% soon!


DELICIOUS oatmeal:
oatmeal, dried apricots, cranberries, raisins, almonds, fresh squeezed orange juice, water, shredded coconut, cinnamon, vanilla sugar and salt with butter on top! try it! it's heavy and filling and warm and has such a good mi of flavors, almost a even a dessert

flour less banana pancakes
tuna salad:
Sweet and crunch egg salad: hard boiled eggs, cubed apple chunks, celery, chopped fresh pineapple, peas, red onion, mayo, curry and salt and pepper. different but OK, especially if you like curry
pasta salad: whole grain pasta with tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, and roasted sunflower seeds with olive oil, fresh basil and lemon juice for the sauce. Light and refreshing

we also made eggs with spinach and onions
(and tried liver patte on rye break with pickled beets and cucumber)

and yay for learning how to recognise all kinds of things at the grocery store!

i still cant believe i got to do this! Scott is a modern dancer who owns a company in San Francisco and has done work at SSU. (My freshman year, i was in a piece he choreographed for the spring show.) 
He knew i was in Copenhagen and emailed me telling me about a workshop he was giving here the 6-12!
it was quite a challenge finding the studio because it was in a part of the city that has been closed for a long time and wasnt mapped out but with the help of random people i finally made it

i wish i had better words to describe the next 5 hours.
we started with a pressure massage to wake up our bodies and get more connected to thr florr and our space. from there we worked with giving and taking weight. all kinds and all ways.
leaning, lifting, rolling, pushing, lowering, sliding, jumping, catching, resting,..... so much contact :)
it turned into what scott called "a jam" with sections of the room being for more intense, medium and slower movements. music playing and changing and continuing on and on, everyone coming in and out of contact and using all kinds of partner, group and solo movements
just dancing and moving as an indiviual and part of a whole
exausting but wow.
the second half we moved outside into a garden and worked more with different lifts, group contact patterns or experiements, and acrobatics. very challenging but so inspiring and worth taking the risks :)
we ended the day in partnerships taking two walks around the garden. each walk a differnt partner had their eyes closed and the other lead. setting up the blind one to have momentarty picture shots when they were told to flash open their eyes. the things you notice about the nature around you when you only get glimpses and you are mostly feeling smelling and hearing your surroundings was a really interesting way of experienceing a walk in a park.

One thing that really struck my about this experience is how natural and easy it was. I have never met these dancers, they are all professionals who dance or act as a way of making a living, they speak a different language (the only reason they were speaking english today is because scott lead the program in english) we were all differnt ages, and we all had greatly different backgrounds but NONE of that mattered for the majority of what we did.
we danced.
we touched
we laughed
we caught we fell we lifted we rolled we pushed we lead we followed,
we interacted in so many ways...
i LOVE this about the dance world!!!
that when those of us who call ourselves 'dancers' gather together, we dont really need to know anything else but that. that we have all come here together to dance.
I left the workshop and my whole body and spirit was filled with happiness. I almost felt drunk i was just so relaxed and smiley. Even hours later the effects were still around. It was great :)

Thrusday Friday and Saturday
 I was on a "short study tour" to western denmark. seriously i feel like i had a full week in three days
ill give the full story on that trip later :)
 since i got home its been reunion after reunion as each of us came through the door
from the sounds of it, each program did all that it could to make sure the students on its tour had an amazing three days!
the six of su made an awesome discovery tonight--->>> a great THAI FOOD place in our building right around the corner from our door!!

this could potentially be a really dangerous thing :)

ok time to go out for saturday night :)
I'll fill you guys in on the study tour craziness tomorro

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