Sunday, 13 February 2011

a veces yo necesito conducir a BARCELONA


after the late night at teh girls appartment and our very early flight, by the time we finally got to our hostel in Barcelona all we wanted to do was eat and take a nap. on the bright side, sarah was feeling better though!
we found a cute little place near home that was full of locals and refueled
then headed back. the girls slept for a while and i watched an episode of NCIS on the tv in the common room. i have not had a tv for the past semester and finding not only a show in english, but one i love to watch at home was so comforting! dad i really  missed you though!  

so happy for nap time :P

the little kid walking by with his grandfather was SO CUTE! he dressed more 'old fashiond' than the two men on the bench :)
we headed into the center of the old part of the city to explore the famous street called "Las Ramblas"
you start at the top of the street at teh fountain and wander through different sections of booths full of tourist stuff, food, flowers and artists before reaching the water 

puppets of FCB!

bieberfever has taken over the world!

the Columbus statue at the end of Las Ramblas. some of the little statues that make up the big one were shocking in their viloent or judgemental treatment of Indians and other people Columbus discovered.

haha i climbed up on one of the 4 lions at the base of the statues and amy took a picture when i wasnt looking. i feel like this looks like something out of a Narnia movie  

Placa Reial at night

when we found this church and sat on the steps listening to a group of young people play guitar and sing along. warm night, good music, great frieds, it was so relaxing!

this dog was waiting here for his owner to get home the whole time we were in the courtyard. he sat and laid down many times, but he never left his post :)

the next morning sarah and amy got starbucks (there aren't any in Copenhagen except in the airport!)
and with her camera and street map she became the ultimate american tourist :P
we met in the Placa Reial the next mornig to go on a tour of the City about the architect Antony Gaudi's works
the lampost and three other like it were Guadi's first comission from the city.
there were lots of street performer/statues like this guy.
this house, Casa Batilo, was my favorite!

for the dragon story, the bones of the victims can be seen at the bottom floor windows, the indoor staircase is carved like the spone of the dragon, and the roof is the dragons back with his iridescent scales.

Casa Mila ( La Pedrera)

according to our tour guide, George Lucas came here and was inspired before he filmed the star wars movies, if you look closely at the chimneys the storm troupers helmets look VERY familiar
these tiles were meant to be inside the house but they never got put in. years later, the city used the design on the cobblestones on the streets in Gaudi's honor.

the last stop on the tour was at the Sangrada Familia 
i dont have the words needed to describe this place.
so much work, so much time, SO INSPIRING!!
PLEASE read more about it here!

we spent SO MUCH TIME HERE! but it was so beautiful and interesting and had so many details that i feel like i could go back a thousand times and still see more each time.

we got sandwhiches next then headed up to Park Guell,another of Gaudi's masterpieces

i LOVE seeing american movie posters in other langauges!

we climbed up here and at our sandwhiches as the sun set over the city :)

this guy was up there the whole time we were just rocking out by himself and performing to his audience ( all of us that happened to be within earshot), it was hilarious!

back to Placa Reial to meet the old city tour for a morning of churches and history exploring the tiny back streets.

the pitting on the walls is left over from bombing during world war 2

just a mailbox, not fancy or anything

he showed us a map of the original city and the giant pilliars that made up the entrance at the main gate. it was cool to see it in the picture then look up from the paper to see the same pillars still standing today even though the rest of the city was built up around them.

the Cathedral

back to our church from the first night :)

flakey pastry, vanilla pudding like filling and powdered sugar... YUM!!
flea market anyone?

and back to the market for a feast!
i wish desparately that there was a place like this somwhere close to where i lived!

 one last walk down to the water and a delicious feast of fresh food while birds watch us waiting for us to share was a calm but perfect end to our trip. the sun was shining, the water was beautiful and the company couldnt have been better :)

 we continued walking around for a few hours just exploring ransom pieces of the city,
a mini ice cream cone treat to end the night.
 an anti climatic ending to my month of traveling but still a happy one
i am so lucky to have this chance to see so many amazing places with such good friends

i was glad to get back to life in Copenhagen and so far the first month of second semester has brought many many changes.
  im still enjoying every minute of my Danish life but cant wait to see where my next travel trip take me
love to you all at home. wish you could be here with me!

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