Sunday, 6 February 2011

English Books and Irish Accents

Ok so since I only got back from traveling one day before all the new semester students moved in and spring semester started, i have had hardly ANY time to fill you all in on my adventures over winter break! I'M SORRY! 
better late than never :)

Happy 21st Birthday to me :)
here is my present... Ireland with Sarah and Amy!

the view from our hostel windows

the millenium spire

walking over the Ha'penny bridge (1816)

the bar we had my birthday dinner ad drinks at :)
Dublin Castle
city hall
interesting fact: the woman on top of the gate holds a scale for balance/fairness and a sword for justice. but the person who built it made the woman facing inwards to the castle towards the people in power with her back to the town and the townspeople. the idea was that a tthe time, any townsperson that came here looking for fairness or justice wouldn't liklely find it.

out tour guide on the walking tour of Dunlin we took

Trinity College

a statue built in honor of the potato famine

Dublin Fusiliers Arch 1904

yes, i finally cracked..... McDonalds ice cream is the cheapest around
back to Trinity College campus
a Berkeley Library!
a new years eve festival in the garden at dublin castle
the Dublin Gospel Choir sang

and there was a big parade with crazy costumes and music

tap dancers
and fire dancers for the finalie
the Molly Malone statue

The National Museum
St Patricks Cathedral (1192)

the girls got fish and chips for lunch and i got a pastie YUM!
the computer chargers died the first night. this is their celebration after finding an apple store and getting a replacment :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR! sarahs cousin studied for a year in ireland and she told us about her favorite bar that was outside the temple bar area. it was great because it was pretty much all locals there :)
music, guiness and great friends
at one point we went through the whole year of 2010 naming things that we did or had happened each month
the best part was that we had all been there in each others lives all year so even when one of us forgot things the other two remembered :)

City Hall again
after Sarah and Amy left on the afternoon of the first I went up to the Garden of Rememberance and the City Gallery The Hugh Lane

and got lunch at Kingfisher
my second room in the hostel

My Last day in Ireland I really wanted to get out of the city and see some countryside.
the tour i went on only had 12 people and the tour guide Ed was a wonderful older Irishman who had been giving these tours one or twice a week for the past few years as something fun.

Guiness Lake

the bridge from the movie "PS I Love You" and the scene when the two main characters meet

they painted their sheep with different colors instead of branding them 

walking into the Geldalough Monestary 

next stop- Wicklow National Park


spending the day in the amazingly green and beautiful Irish countryside was my favorite part of my trip!

Dublin city was smaller than I had thought it would be. The people were super friendly, the food was delicious and finding an english bookstore on practically every other street was a fabulous surprise :)
From Dublin I headed on to Paris and JENNA MARIE!!

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