Sunday, 19 December 2010

N176 takes Finlandia!

OK, I know its been a while but I've had final projects papers and tests like crazy! add to that Christmas stuff, packing and spending as much time as possible with my roommates before they all left me today and I just haven't had the time to update this. But here I go. it will be mostly pictures so I can get caught up fast, but I hope you still enjoy it!
we landed to more snow and PINE TREES! i hadn't even realized i had missed pine trees while living in the city but the sight of them when we landed made me so happy :)
maze of buses and trams but we found our hostel pretty easily considering.
on one of the buses we met two nice Finnish men who told us all about different site we should see and answered a question i had about the language. In all of the signs we were passing i saw a lot of double letters. in their language, a double letter signifies a longer version of the letters sound. go figure, English definitely doesn't have a trick to show that change in pronunciation.
Poster in our hostel :)
THAI FOOD! it was delicious!
two  scarves, two hats and my face still managed to get a bit of cold burn by the end of the weekend!
(Jenna Marie this one is for you :P) the inside is completely full of Mexico themed decorations and dayofthedead skulls
Marimekko store for Charlotte's mama
a walk around the harbor
a park overlooking the city
there were hundreds of people coming out of this church when we were walking by so we went inside to defrost a bit
late night McDonald's run.. yeah we couldn't help it it was RIGHT around the corner!
right after our Thai food dinner we stopped in a second hand store and spent at least an hour rummaging through the two floors!  ended up with these marvelous slippers and a great giant ugly comfy sweater. 
breakfast, it was like a cinnamon roll but more of a bready bun
back to the harbor for the market
when we threw rocks at the ice, it wouldn't break!
Clare and her salmon
Reindeer meat!
beautiful building
metro out to find the campground
we had barely missed the closing time! oh well we explored and decided to try again the next day
Margaret found an old tree stump and used her lumberjack experience to tell us ALL about how it died and was cut ( we got it on video but thats on Sarahs computer :( )
four way teeter-totter!
Clare failed at the spring seat.... twice! hahaha we almost peed we laughed so hard!
to the mall for a bit to compare prices since Copenhagen is SO expensive
on to the Olympic Stadium
it was open and we found a great bed while we explored
Sarah went to run down the warm up runway and slipped on her second step and fell flat.... we are very supportive friends.........
our laughter echoed in the hallways :P
then margaret and Clare had to show her how to really do it....
( margaret fell too!! priceless!)
Italian for dinner! (oh how i have missed it!)
breakfast was a delicious chicken mango and pineapple with a sweet curry spread sandwich and after, some hot chocolate (with Baileys Irish Cream added= SUCH A GREAT IDEA!)
what were we thinking?!?
after the cold water plunge, we went in the sauna. it was SOOO hot it burned to breathe. it wasn't a dry hot like the intense one in Budapest, but a really steamy hot. every time they put another ladle of water on the coals, my lungs would burn for the first few breathes until the air cooled a bit. The heat felt wonderful and Sarah and i stayed in the sauna as long as we could bare it before we went out to the showers with the other girls. after showering and drying off we could hardly feel the cold outside!
Miss Hawaii decided she wanted to go again.... CRAZY!
Norrbrogade 176
on thin ice :P
OK, now we got really silly..... excuse it and enjoy the goofiness :P
snow puppies (like the ones Margaret and Clare played with in Greenland)
GOODBYE freezing lake!
the movie theater
the Opera (the building looked kind of like a giant bathroom- all silver and white tiles)
we found Charlotte a hat
pretty park
a "10-things-i-hate-about- you" moment...
we sang and danced across the huge stairs
"You're just to good to be true... Cant take my eyes off of you..."
"I love you BABY and if its quite alright i need you BABY..."
"let me love you BABY let me love you!!" hahaha
Helsinki was a pretty town that reminded my a bit of Tahoe but more a harbour city. the whole trip was FREEZING ( -14 degrees Celsius!) but we really made exploring fun :)
traveling without them will not be the same next semester (though hopefully i'll meet more great people from nest semesters new students)!
I am so lucky i got placed with these girls!
N167 <3  

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