Sunday, 14 November 2010

and on!!!

Prague DAY 2
i loved the tiny cobblestone squares
i wish we could have gone to a ballet but no we are students and that treat is for people with extra money
the Powder Tower again
the clock tower
we met JASON TILLY ( a friend from home in Nevada City who is studying in Prague this semester) in Old Town Square and he showed us a great breakfast place :) it reminded me of a mix of Meca in downtown NC and Bubbas bagels (yeah i know its an odd mix) European style.
got transport passes and made our way across the water and up the hill to Prague Castle
the guard weren't as good and London guards at keeping a focused straight face :P
St Vita's Cathedral
( the most jaw dropping church I've been in so far) Gothic architecture and SO MUCH stone, stained glass and gold and sliver decorations
a wooden carving of the city of Prague
a tomb of a bishop that died in the 1300's!
the crest
the old royal palace
this entire room had crests on every part of the walls and ceilings
i have never in my life climbed more stairs than i did this week.... even when i went to NU
we went back down into the city for lunch
i treated myself with vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream :) yummmmmmmm
back up to the castle
St Georges Basilica
 an old toy museum! we saw a few things but to go all the way in you had to pay.
a NARNIA tree in the courtyard!
such an AMAZING view of the city
 i climbed up and sat on the wall for a long time looking out at the rooftops. the view was breath taking and the wind was so refreshing. i could have sat up there for hours, but the rest of the group was ready to go
 i tried to get Margaret to climb up to see the spot id found, but her skirt wouldn't let her.
so  Sarah and I helped her stay stuck until Clare could get a good picture :P
i was laughing so hard i cried  :)
 Petrin Tower from a distance (a mini Eiffel tower type thing)
we walked all the way back down the hill using the old castle stairway
we took a tram up and down the bank of the river to see if we could find 'the Dancing house" a special building designed to look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, but it was dark and we couldn't find it so we made our way to the National Museum in Wenceslas Square to find a tram back towards our hostel
( i cannot express how much i miss good Mexican food! it is just too expensive to go out in Copenhagen and making it at home is not the same when shopping in a foreign grocery store where you cannot read 90% of the labels)
Day 3 Saturday November 6th!
our last day of travels together!
 poor Clare was not feeling so hot :( but she rallied!
 no big deal, this is just what i see when i walk to breakfast.... cute little old Prague buildings, cobblestones, small streets and a horse drawn carriage
we got Bohemia Bagels for breakfast again
( i spent more on this breakfast than i had on any other meal in Prague because i still had krowns left and cheesecake sounded so good :) )
 the nutrition label was reprinted in Czech and stuck on over the English version! wild.
after breakfast Margaret and Sarah went to a Salvador Dali art exhibit and Clare and i wandered Old Town 
a small Christmas Market in Old Town square with lots of yummy smelling food and spiced wine and tea
 they actually vacuum the cobblestones..
a band! they played the weirdest version of 'oh when the saints go marching in' that i have ever heard!
back to the airport to kill time til our flights.
me on my own and theirs back to Copenhagen.
Sarah spent the second week in RUSSIA with a class from DIS and Clare and Margaret were in GREENLAND with a different DIS class
I was in Amsterdam the second week where i met Sarah and Amy and we stayed with Django.
that blog is still to come.
i really failed on the whole 'taking pictures thing' in Amsterdam
so that trip will take a bit longer to share with you guys.
give me time, ill get it up eventually.
I'm actually shocked I've been able to get this one up before classes started back up again!
now its time for bed because as sad as it is, classes start again in the morning

( this pic is from a night when Margaret and i went out to a bar at
a Kolligium across town for an Oktoberfest party a few weeks ago)

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